Ninja Kids Parkour

A highlight is our unique Ninja Kids Parkour. Developed from our own idea, perfectly implemented and combined with obstacle elements from the areas of parkour, bouldering and ninja warrior parkour.

A combination of coordination, mobility, endurance, skill, courage, agility and balance. What the big ninjas can do, love and admire the little ninjas. There's a little ninja in every climbing max, bet?


Hop what you can on our trampoline and land softly. This is ensured by our Air Bag, which is at ground level in the ground and lets you land softly.

Fun Park

Action and adventure as far as the eye can see. Here you can climb, slide, run and play over 4 levels. Enter the 7 meter high spiral slide and spin until you land. You will love it.


Turn the laws of gravity upside down and take off for sporty flights of fancy. Our trampolines don't give wings, but they give you the ultimate flight experience.

Climbing wall

Nothing for weak nerves. For the climbing max within you: Climb one of the 4 routes on our climbing wall, press the target light and show everyone what you have achieved. Enjoy the view at a height of 8 meters and the triumph when you have reached the top.

Electric go-karts

Give full throttle! Our children's kart track is just the thing for everyone else who loves to jet and whiz. Do your laps in our own cars like a real racing driver.

Mega bouncy castle


Mega bouncy castle


Soccer Court

The ball is round and the next game is always the hardest. The favorite place for all soccer fans.

Roller slide

Speed down a 12 meter long run with one of our bobsleds. What fun!

Ball pit

Immerse yourself in a colorful sea full of balls. Is there anything more beautiful?

Toddler area

Here our little ones play first fiddle. Separated all around with its own challenges, rights as "Candy World" crawls and plays undisturbed from the rest of the hall.