Terms and Conditions

By paying the entrance fee and entering the play park, you accept the operator's terms and conditions listed below: Socks are required when using the individual play equipment. Socks can be purchased at the checkout.

Use of the playground equipment is at your own risk. The parents and adult companions of the children are required to supervise the children brought into the premises of the facility themselves and to instruct them in the use of the individual play equipment in such a way that damage to the facility and the equipment is avoided.

The instructions, rules and prohibitions attached to the play equipment must be observed. The parents / accompanying persons are responsible for the actions of the children. The employed staff are available as supervisory staff at individual stations without establishing a supervision relationship.

Children can only visit the park if they are accompanied by a legal guardian / adult companion. The instructions of the employees must be followed. This applies in particular to general gaming behavior on the playground equipment and in the hall. Failure to follow the instructions can lead to temporary or permanent removal from the system. A refund of the entrance fee is excluded.

Electric karts may be occupied by a maximum of two children or one adult and one toddler. Walking on the road, driving against each other and pushing karts without a motor drive is strictly prohibited.

Climbing up protective nets, regardless of the type of play equipment, is prohibited.

With increased visitor numbers, there may be waiting times for individual game attractions or they may only be offered to a limited extent. Claims against the operator from this restriction are excluded.

Silly Billy is a children's play park with a rich gastronomic offer of food and drinks. In order to be able to keep our family-friendly prices and to be able to guarantee the general cleanliness in the park, we ask for your understanding that you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Exceptions are fruit and birthday cakes as well as allergy and baby food, which we are happy to heat for you. We reserve the right to prohibit certain foods from being brought in in individual cases.

Lighting candles or other pyrotechnic material is not permitted. Resulting costs such as Fire brigade use by triggering the fire alarm system are to be borne by the person who caused it. Throwing confetti or lighting confetti bombs is also prohibited.Customer data that the operator receives (e.g. through birthday registrations) is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act, i.e. it is used purely for internal purposes without being passed on to third parties.

By entering the park, the visitor agrees to the possible publication of photos, which are taken during the play time, in order to use them in advertising brochures and / or on their own website. No claims can be derived from this.

Use of the cloakroom and safe deposit boxes is at your own risk. The safe deposit boxes must not remain locked overnight. The contents of the cabinets are removed overnight. The operator assumes no liability for lost objects and clothing, even from closed containers or in the parking lot. If the locker key is lost, an amount of € 20 will be charged for replacement.

The admission prices in the checkout area or on our current flyers apply. Purchased entry tickets will not be refunded or credited. This regulation also applies to the tickets issued at the cash register for the electric go-karts.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire hall area as well as in the restaurant and toilets. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the park. Bad behavior, scratching, biting, hitting, etc. other children will not be tolerated. Parents who are responsible for their supervision are asked to stop this behavior. The operator and his employees are expressly permitted to warn children in such a case and to prohibit play in the event of repetition. In such a case, the entrance fee will not be refunded. In particularly serious cases, the operator reserves the right to ban individuals from entering the house. No liability is assumed for lost objects or clothing.

Payment for admission is not a guarantee of a seat. If this is foreseen, we will try to inform you before paying the admission price.

For the safety of your own and that of other children, you are not allowed to bring your own toys into the center; Above all, it is strictly forbidden to take hard, loose or pointed objects into the play area. This also applies to adults.

It is possible that individual play equipment cannot be used. Claims from this restriction against the operator are excluded.

Silly Billy Entertainment GmbH Status: 08/15/2020